Choreography by HELEN GAUS



Lighting Designer & Technical Director: DAVE YEZEFSKI

Productoin Manager, Technical Director, Property Designer: JE TELLIER

Helen Gaus’ The Nutcracker showcases all of our company dancers in a breathtaking, holiday classic. The prodctuion shares the timless tale of Clara, Drosselmeyer, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and all of Tchaikovsky's musical sprites portray the enchanting spell. 

This year marks the 35th annual performance of Helen Gaus' The Nutcracker.



It is Christmas Eve and Dr. and Mrs. Stahlbaum are giving a party for their children, Clara and Fritz, and their friends. Drosselmeyer, Godfather to Clara, arrives with his nephew bringing presents, and amuses the children with mechanical dolls and feats of magic. He gives a nutcracker in the shape of a toy soldier to Clara. Fritz, jealous of Clara’s present, snatches it from her and, in a tug of war, it is broken. Drosselmeyer repairs the doll and, once again, merriment and dancing resumes in the Stahlbaum household.

As the festivities come to a close, the guests leave and the children are put to bed. Clara, unable to sleep, sneaks downstairs to see her nutcracker. She falls asleep and dreams of the evening’s festivities. Drosselmeyer reappears and casts a spell over the entire room as Clara sleeps. Her dream quickly turns into a nightmare as she is awakened by the magic of Drosselmeyer. The dolls come to life, the tree begins to grow to gigantic proportions and the room is overrun by giant mice who terrify Clara.

Toy soldiers come to Clara’s defense and battle with the mice. Just as it seems like the mice will win, the Nutcracker Prince appears and battles with the Mouse King. When all seems lost, Clara distracts the Mouse King by hitting him with her slipper, and the Nutcracker Prince slays the Mouse King.

With the Mouse King dead, the spell cast on the Nutcracker Prince is broken and he quickly turns back into a handsome prince. Grateful to Clara, the Prince invites her to come with him to the Kingdom of Sweets. On their way, they pass through a thick fir forest where snowflakes waltz across the enchanting winter landscape.



As the Prince and Clara reach the Kingdom of Sweets, they are greeted by a host of angels. Clara than meets the Ruler of the Kingdom of Sweets, the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier, and they are entertained by a series of dances that represent Chocolate from Spain, Coffee from Arabia and Tea from China, as well as Ribbon Candy and Mother Ginger and her children. 

The Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier then enchant Clara with a beautiful Pas de Deux. Next, the beautiful Dew Drop Fairy and her graceful Waltz of the Flowers cascade in front of Clara.

Clara is so distracted by the Flowers that she is unaware of Drosselmeyer’s return. Her dream comes to an end as her new found friends slowly disappear and is left in the arms of the Nutcracker Prince.