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Hot Chocolate from Spain

Ages 8 - Up

A combination of the Balanchine & Classical ballet technique taught for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Ballet students ages 10 and up are encouraged to take more than one ballet class per week. All ballet students may become a member of the Ballet Company.

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A carefully graded curriculum is taught to develop techniques needed for the more demanding program that begins at age 8.


Pre-Ballet: ages 3-7

Pre-Tap: ages 5-7

Pre-Jazz: ages 6-7

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Ages 8 - Up

The art of tap dancing, a uniquely American form of dance, with its origins dating back to the 1600s in the New World, has continued to infuse new rhythms into the feet, hearts, and lifestyles of cultures around the world. Tap dancing instills in those who study and practice this form of dance with coordination skills, new rhythmic abilities, and athleticism.

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Ages 8 - Up

Jazz includes a broad range of different styles such as broadway, fosse, and pop jazz for children and young adults. 

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Ages 10 - Up

Contemporary is a dance form that utilizes strong ballet and jazz technique but focuses on emotional expression and freedom in the body. In contemporary, we draw upon modern, pop, and R&B sensibilities to tell a story in a more theatrical manner than classical ballet.