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The Selfish Giant

Choreography by Helen Gaus

Music by Ottorino Respighi, Alexander Glazunov, Benjamin Britten

Costumes by Helen Kasarda, Carol Karam

Scranton Civic Ballet Company Premiere

April 8, 1979

Masonic Temple

Scranton, Pennsylvania



Robyn Horger (Giant)

Michele Ray (Garden Fairy)

Lee Grimes (Snow Queen)

Michele Nerch (Snow King)


Long ago there lived a very selfish giant who would not let the children of the town play in his beautiful garden, so he built a wall around it to keep them out. One spring day, the children found a hole in the wall and crawled in to play, but as the giant returned home, he chased them. Spring disappeared and winter came to the garden. The children crept in one day and immediately the snow disappeared. Seeing this, the giant realized that it was the children who brought spring to his garden and he ran out to tell them but, frightened by the giant, they ran away except for on young boy. As they became fond of each other, all of the children came back to play with the giant. 

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