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Scranton Civic Ballet Company


Northeast Pennsylvania's pre-professional ballet company.

The Scranton Civic Ballet Company was founded in 1978 by Northeast Pennsylvania's most respected dance instructor, Miss Helen M. Gaus.  Originally as a regional resident company, the Scranton Civic Ballet Company is at the forefront of ballet and the performing arts in Northeast Pennsylvania.


Our school makes every effort to instill in its students the discipline and knowledge needed to approach learning in a professional way, whether one's intent is to become a professional dancer or to learn the rigorous discipline of dance to carry oneself through life.

At "Civic," we believe that our role is to guide young dancers through increasingly disciplined levels of dance in a friendly, caring atmosphere.  Creative energy, gracefulness, a heightened awareness of music and musicality, and a focus on technique are only some of the benefits our programs have to offer.  The Scranton Civic Ballet Company is dedicated to bringing quality dance training within reach of young dancers to make dreams a reality.​ 

The Scranton Civic Ballet Company is a non-profit organization focused on dance education and performance.  It is the company’s mission to educate our members and the public in the art of dance while bringing the talents of well-known artists, choreographers, and master teachers into northeast Pennsylvania for the benefit of our students as well as our audiences

Scranton Civic Ballet Company is a pre-professional ballet company that develops students artistry and perfects the technique necessary to pursue a professional dance career if desired. The training will build the physical strength to perform the classics as well as new choreographic works. SCBC's founder and artistic director, Miss Helen Gaus, established a syllabus that has lead many students to continue their careers in professional companies as well as some opening their own studios. Classes include technique, pointe, variations, and choreography. 



Each season, students in the pre-professional program will have the opportunity to perform in two major productions: 

Helen Gaus' The Nutcracker and In Concert

Rehearsals: Dancers may be called to rehearsals. If called, students are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals. SCBC's office must be notified if you are unable to attend a rehearsal. School dress code is required for all rehearsals.


Roles: Every student will be given a role in each performance. Roles are given based on audition only.

Don Quixote


2023/2024 SEASON

Scranton Civic Ballet Company
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